Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How to Make Our Country A Better Place

The last month or so was the quietest the safest time I've ever spent since the war, It's probably because (Jaish Al - Mahdi) - Muqtada's militia stopped their actions but that's not our subject.
The political situation is the most popular subject people talk about since the war, you hear everyone's viewpoint on Iraq and the US forces. and how the US should have removed Saddam Hussein and gave every Iraqi a mansion to live in and a Ferrari to drive and that's just a load of crap .
In my opinion it's not prosperity that inspires people to do great things, it's the complete opposite, it's in the times people are pressured to the limit, it's when a person wants something so badly that he would give anything for it, that's when great things happen . For example :
The Iraqi soccer team won the AFC cup and made about 20 million Iraqis cry tears of joy on the day they won - and I must say it has been my happiest moment since the war- not because they're the most skilled or that they're paid more than the others, It's just because
they wanted to win so badly that you never see fear in their eyes, all you see is determination and that desire to give Iraqis just a little something to make them all happy. and they did.
So when we find in ourselves that desire, that determination to make Iraq a better place to live in, then and only then can we make our country a better place .


*الخاتــــIraqi Ladyـــووون* said...

... make it a better place,
for you and for me and the entire human race
there are people dying
if you care enough for the living,
make it a better place for you and for me..

you've just remind me of this song which I like it so much..

well I think any achievement in order to make the living in my country better will make make me very happy :)

best wishes, Ghost ;)

T.A of Iraq said...

your talking a lot of sense. I spent 6 months in Iraq this year, and I found people wanting immediate improvements in their economical situation. That should not be the priority of the government (im not talking about economic growth in the country that is important, but for the government to give out properties and other things).

The way Iraq will move forward is when society becomes ambitious, determined and hard workng. I found people were not driven, this is ofcourse a result of the years of wars they have endured, a lot of people feel deflated and have lost hope in their own lives.

I dream of the day that my country men and women regain that hope, and start working hard to make more of themselves.

MixMax said...

This is my first time on your blog, very nice indeed, especially taking into the consideration your thoughts on how to make Iraq a better place. My compliments to your words and I may add that appreciation to what you do is part of appreciation to one self, this is how we would gain respect of others when they see us appreciate ourselves as people and as a nation.

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