Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Iraqi Conspiracy Theory

When you talk to people about the situation in Iraq , you hear all kinds of opinions, all kinds of suggestions , but the opinion I hear the most is the conspiracy theory that when you talk to common people they seem to unanimously agree to it , and it states that : the United States and Israel and Iran and the surrounding Arab countries are conspiring against Iraq and they are the reason for our current situation and that Iraqis are the only good guys left in the universe (not exactly but still the same idea).
I thought about this a lot and it doesn't make any sense at all , so i tried to find out what causes people to agree to such nonsense and I found that the only reason is that people - especially Iraqis - tend to run away from responsibility and blame others for their mistakes, and I think that's what's causing us to sink deeper and deeper in this swamp , so in order for us to get out we have to admit that we are also responsible for everything that's happened , and every Iraqi should shout - I'm quoting Akon - " You can put the blame on me ".
by the way I'm not denying that Iran & Arabs and even the US should take some of the blame.
What I think is that Iraqis need to wake up, and realize that if they won't do something to change their current situation , No one will change it for them, neither the US nor Iran nor Arabs , All of those guys act based on their own interests , What they need to realize is that this world isn't based on love or hatred neither it is based on good and evil ,In fact this world is based upon interests and benefits , the United States has interests in Iraq and so does Iran and all the Arabs And none of them gives a damn about the Iraqis , But what I believe is causing the chaos within our country is us the Iraqis and we have to stop killing , robbing , kidnapping and blowing up each other , We have to realize that we all have one thing in common we are all Iraqis and we should all help heal this country's wounds so one day , maybe just maybe our children will be proud of being Iraqis .

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