Friday, November 12, 2010

Iraq, this is between us.

Do I hate myself for saying this? yes i do, but it is the truth, I have simply given up on the idea that maybe one day my beloved country would be ummm, I'm searching for the word to describe what I hope for and I've finally found it . HABITABLE, that's all I'm looking for, sometimes I think is that really possible, to aim so low I mean and still lose all hope of getting it. Iraq, this is me, one of your own, a boy who felt proud to be called by your name, I loved you with every bit of my heart. and I feel as if you have betrayed me. as if you have given me the illusion that I should be proud to be on of your people.
Your people, your people are a pitiful excuse for humans, your people are the most retarded , self-centered, ignorant creatures that exist on earth. we have the worst of everything. we have more terrorists than any other country, we have people preying on religion to make benefit, politicians that feed on our agony and it's like each and everyone of them wants to suck us dry.
which leaves with the ones we count on, the ones that represent the people, our soldiers, some of them I'm proud of but that some is a very small percentage, most of them I would prefer pigs to, because thats what they are just tall pigs with guns.
Despite what I've said, from your people are the ones I love the most, I have a family that is unbelievably kind, found friends I think are the best people in the world, And I have fallen in love with the sweetest girl alive who is also one of your own.
Iraq, now I've come to the conclusion I never loved you, I just love some of the people living within your borders and I always will. no matter where I go.
I have fought this thought, of going abroad as soon as I finish school, now I just wanna go out, I'm sorry I say it with tears in my eyes, I'm really really sorry but I can't take it anymore, I can't take the disappointment, my dear country I wish you all the best and may your people find God, cause they have lost him and he has abandoned most of them.