Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How to Make Our Country A Better Place

The last month or so was the quietest the safest time I've ever spent since the war, It's probably because (Jaish Al - Mahdi) - Muqtada's militia stopped their actions but that's not our subject.
The political situation is the most popular subject people talk about since the war, you hear everyone's viewpoint on Iraq and the US forces. and how the US should have removed Saddam Hussein and gave every Iraqi a mansion to live in and a Ferrari to drive and that's just a load of crap .
In my opinion it's not prosperity that inspires people to do great things, it's the complete opposite, it's in the times people are pressured to the limit, it's when a person wants something so badly that he would give anything for it, that's when great things happen . For example :
The Iraqi soccer team won the AFC cup and made about 20 million Iraqis cry tears of joy on the day they won - and I must say it has been my happiest moment since the war- not because they're the most skilled or that they're paid more than the others, It's just because
they wanted to win so badly that you never see fear in their eyes, all you see is determination and that desire to give Iraqis just a little something to make them all happy. and they did.
So when we find in ourselves that desire, that determination to make Iraq a better place to live in, then and only then can we make our country a better place .